Procter & Gamble Launches Paper Tube Packaging for Select Deodorants

The Procter & Gamble Company has announced it is testing the first all-paper tube package for select Old Spice and Secret aluminum-free deodorants this May at 500 Walmart stores in the US.

The tube package, made of 90% recycled paper, is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and features a “push up” design that would replace some of P&G’s plastic stick deodorant cannisters. P&G, which is completing the second phase of recyclability testing on the new package this fall, hopes to learn how consumers respond to the design. If successful, P&G will expand the new package across more of its line-up.

The need for recyclable and reusable package solutions has accelerated dramatically in the past two years with reports of plastic waste accumulating in oceans and landfills. Countries that have historically taken plastic waste from the US for recycling, such as China and the Philippines, have announced they will no longer accept plastic waste imported from abroad.

To combat this problem, both P&G and Walmart have publicly declared aggressive goals in sustainability. By 2030, P&G Beauty’s brands have committed to using 100% recyclable or reusable packaging while reducing the use of virgin petroleum plastic by 50%. By 2025, Walmart is committing zero waste to landfill for its operations in the US, UK, Canada, and Japan.

The paper tube package is one of several ideas that P&G has initiated in hopes of reducing plastic waste. Earlier this year, it reduced the amount of plastic in its Secret antiperspirant and deodorant canisters by 8%, saving 900,000 pounds of plastic waste.

In January, Procter & Gamble signed a five-year contract to purchase recycled plastic from a supplier the UK. The consumer goods corporation plans to use the recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for its European Ariel laundry product range.

P&G recently said that using this recycled resin for making Ariel Liquid detergent bottles would help the company reach as much as 50% recycled content in the liquid bottles this year — reducing the amount of virgin petroleum plastic used. Ariel previously committed to making all its packaging recyclable by 2022, and reducing plastic usage in packaging 30% by 2025.


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