PolyOne today launched ColorMatrix™ AAzure™ Acetaldehyde Control Additive, a process aid for PET and recycled PET (rPET) preforms with added acetaldehyde (AA) control capabilities. It is a patented liquid formulation that can reduce AA by up to 80 percent in the preform, helping to counter off-taste in bottled contents.

The increased use of rPET in PET bottles can lead to increased AA levels, but can also compromise bottle mechanical strength and create blowouts, both of which reduce productivity and increase scrap rates. This technology helps to overcome these issues so that higher levels of rPET can be used, and it can be combined with recycle-friendly toners to offset the yellowing common with increased rPET content. One final benefit is a reduction in the energy required to heat preforms, which fosters roughly 25 percent lower carbon emissions.

Growing concerns over single-use plastics and their impact on the environment are prompting legislation changes globally. The EU Council recently adopted a directive which requires PET bottles to include 30 percent of rPET by 2030. ColorMatrix AAzure was developed in response to the need for brand owners and convertors to find solutions that enable increased levels of rPET in their products without reducing performance or quality.

ColorMatrix AAzure Acetaldehyde Control Additive is commercially available in major global markets, and meets direct food contact regulatory requirements.

Source : https://www.polyone.com/polyone-launches-new-acetaldehyde-process-aid-enhance-rpet-processability

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