PepsiCo’s partnership with bioplastics manufacturer Danimer Scientific

PepsiCo’s partnership with bioplastics manufacturer Danimer Scientific

PepsiCo, producer of soda beverages and snack brands such as Lay’s potato chips, among other products, joined forces with Danimer Scientific several years ago with the goal to develop sustainable flexible packaging, Danimer says in a news release published on its website.

According to the release, Danimer Scientific developed biobased compostable packaging for PepsiCo’s snack brands in the past. The new initiative is said to be “right in line with PepsiCo’s announced strategy to make all of its packaging recoverable or recyclable.”

PepsiCo Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Mehmood Khan is quoted as saying “our plan to scale Danimer Scientific’s technology is a step toward achieving both our greenhouse-gas emission reduction and our recoverable and recyclable packaging goals.”

Added Danimer Scientific’s CEO, Stephen Croskrey, “Danimer Scientific’s partnership with PepsiCo marks a significant milestone as we continue to expand our biopolymer technology to provide innovative bioplastic solutions to a wider range of applications and products.”

The New York Post reported earlier this week that perhaps the biggest potential deal for Danimer involves food and beverage giant Pepsi. If all works out as planned, sources said, Pepsi plans to convert all of its snack brands, including Doritos, Fritos and Lay’s potato chips, to Danimer Plastics bags. PepsiCo, which declined to comment, has vowed to make 100 percent of its packaging recoverable or recyclable by 2025.

“There is no agreement that they are going to give us 100 percent of their snack bag business,” Danimer CEO Stephen Croskrey admitted to the New York Post before adding:  “I would certainly hope that we would be making all their snack bags.”

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