Parent’s Choice launches Gualapack’s Baby Cap Plus with new Tamper evidence

Walmart’s Babyfood brand Parent’s Choice is on the shelves with the innovative Babycap Plus from Gualapack, which adds a new Tamper evident feature for improved safety.

Producing Babyfood and its packaging has the highest industry standards to guarantee infant’s health.
The entire Supply chain from raw materials to the finished product on shelf must be trustworthy and any possible defect must be detected at first sight to avoid any potential harm. Once a Babyfood pouch is on the shelf, it is of utmost importance, for the store and for the consumer to identify, if the packaging has been already opened.

This signal is given by the Tamper evident feature which ensures that hygiene of the product is guaranteed.

The new Gualapack Babycap Plus with its improved Tamper evidence is the consumers’ trusted guard, ensuring Safety from manipulation and counterfeiting. The opening of the pouch comes with a sound and a Tamper alarming colored band shows up, which cannot be undone.

The Babycap Plus maintains the well-known antichoking design and is available in PE and PP.


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