Packaging As A Service: This Start-Up is Looking To Replace Single-Use Plastic Food Containers

Single-use plastic food containers are a way of life if you order in regularly. But with the ban on single-use plastic, restaurants and shops have been hunting for alternatives for months. However, cost-effective options have proved to be hard to find, particularly for small businesses.

But now, Swiggy customers in parts of Bengaluru can choose a reusable container, thanks to InfinityBox started by IIT Kharagpur graduates Shashwat Gangwal and Keshav Godala. The company aims to make packaging a service, wherein single-use plastic containers are replaced by durable Tupperware-like containers.

For the duo, watching single-use plastic containers being burnt since recycling wasn’t an option was the catalyst that spurred them to look for alternative options while in college.

Cutting down on plastic use

Speaking to Moneycontrol, Gangwal said they realised that while plastic is one of the best inventions, the way plastic is used is a problem.

“Plastic is lightweight, it’s cheap, it’s flexible, it can withstand temperatures, etc. We figured that was the only way to improve customer experience while not increasing the cost and being environment-friendly. So we built a model around reusing these containers,” he says.



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