Packaging 360 announces New Delhi Conclave

Packaging Conclave

Packaging 360 has announced a ‘Packaging Conclave’, to be held in New Delhi on 26th April 2019, to examine Emerging Paradigm of Food Packaging.

Packaging 360 Outreach                           Packaging 360 Outreach, Bengaluru

Innovations in materials & technology will continue to drive growth of packaged Food & FMCG products. All components which goes into the making of a successful packaging solution for a food or pharmaceutical product are now being scrutinized for safety & sustainability. Packaging materials including plastics, printing inks, adhesives, labels, tapes etc.; are some of the focus areas.

In the present global scenario, where there is little or no clarity on the implications of the ban on single -use plastics & also on the types of packaging materials, knee -jerk reactions will only slow down the innovation process & growth required to deliver safe & sustainable products to consumers. A biodegradable Packaging solution is yet to become affordable for commodity large -scale Food & FMCG applications
Plastics, a hitherto established packaging material for all product categories, is now being challenged as a material of choice. FMCG & food processing companies are being compelled to review their strategies for the future & explore other sustainable options like Paper, Metals, Glass, Wood etc.

It is against this background that the “Packaging Conclave” being organized by The Packaging 360 Team in New Delhi on 26th April 2019, acquires paramount importance.

Stefan Glimm                                              Stefan Glimm speaking at the Packaging360 Conclave

The conclave seeks to address Issues related to:
> Packaging Innovations
> Packaging vis-à-vis product Safety,
> Sustainability,
> Standards & Regulations,
> Testing & Quality control
> Anti-counterfeiting Technologies
> Digital Technology for Packaging Industry

Who should Attend:
> Packaging Technologists
> R&D Material Scientists
> Procurement Professionals
> Packaging Designers
> Production & Quality Control Staff
> Marketing & Sales Teams.
> Scientific & Regulatory Experts
> Packaging Material & Machinery suppliers
> Suppliers of Testing & quality control equipments

For Further information contact:

CNT Expositions and Services LLP
Tel: +91 24306319/24309610

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