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Delivering comprehensive sustainability packaging programmes for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies across the globe, to reduce plastic in packaging design and reducing carbon footprint across the packaging supply chain.

Origin has been working hard to develop sustainable pharmaceutical packaging. Sustainability has become an increasingly prominent matter across every industry, as businesses and individuals begin to realise how important it is to reduce waste for the good of the planet. Sustainable packaging is designed to use materials that have a lesser impact on the environment. It can be reusable or recyclable to reduce reliance on packaging that is used once, before being sent to a landfill or filling our oceans. At Origin, we are dedicated to providing sustainable packaging solutions for environmentally responsible companies.

Our sustainable packaging has been in development for a while. Our dedicated NPD team are continually researching materials and processes to try and reduce the cost and the materials used. Sustainable packaging is now becoming more viable for us, our clients and for businesses everywhere. Growing concerns for the levels of plastic in our oceans is currently pushing the drive to find better solutions. People are rallying behind causes aiming to reduce single-use disposable products, such as drinking straws and plastic bags. We know that our clients and their customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and we want to be part of the movement for change.

Sustainable Materials
Sustainable materials offer one way to create eco-friendly packaging. These materials are selected because they can be harvested or created with less impact on the environment, and might be more easily reused or recycled too.
Some of the sustainable materials available for packaging include:

PE or PET made from sugarcane
This material is made by first taking ethanol from the sugarcane and dehydrating it, so it becomes ethylene. It is then converted into green polyethylene/PET at a polymerisation plant.

Post consumer regrind (PCR)
These recycled plastic products help to save energy and reduce the use of materials that can’t be recycled or renewed. Manufacturing new plastics becomes less necessary when existing plastics can be recycled and used again.

Biodegradable products
Products that will naturally break down in the same manner as a compostable material can be useful, sustainable alternatives. A primary concern with plastics is that they could take hundreds of years to break down, leaving plastic products to contaminate oceans and other natural features. The biodegradable material can perform the same functions as normal plastic but breaks down polymers to help the material degrade faster.

PLA (polylactic acid)
This compostable polymer is created from renewable sources, including corn starch. Research into how this material can be used is ongoing, and there are some limitations to its uses.

Source: Origin Pharma

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