Ampacet OdorClear™ – Odor absorbing masterbatches that optimize use of post-consumer resins

Polymer granules

Ampacet OdorClear™ is a range of powerful wide spectrum odor-absorbing masterbatches designed to neutralize odors of post-consumer recycled material. Post-consumer recycled plastics often have a strong smell due to the presence of contaminants or residual contents that degrade during the recycling process.  These odors affect the consumers’ perception of product and brand quality.

Ampacet OdorClear masterbatch solutions minimize odors of post-consumer recycled materials and keep them enclosed inside the polymer. They allow convertors to boost packaging recycled content while keeping the odor level down. OdorClear outperforms conventional inorganic odor scavenging solutions, increasing the use of post-consumer resin to support the circular economy.

OdorClear masterbatches are designed for use with a broad range of recycled polymers and can be specially formulated for injection and blow molding, film and other extrusion processes.


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