Novel Method to Enhance PET Recycling

PET Recycling

Perstorp Akestra™ is engineered to transform plastic waste into packaging which adds value to your business.

Where PET would usually fail, Akestra™ adds irresistible sparkle and heat resistance up to 90°C by upgrading RPET, meaning food packaging applications no longer need virgin plastics like polystyrene. By enhancing the usability of recycled PET, this innovative layering material is a more circular and more sustainable solution.

Glass like plastic
Akestra™ embodies a sparkling glass-like appearance that is sure to enhance both disposable and reusable packaging. It can be used as a polystyrene alternative for heat resistant thin wall containers and a glass alternative for hot-fill food containers.

Hot fill up to 100°C
The high glass transition temperature combined with its amorphous and high strength properties make it a superior alternative for food packaging. With Akestra you can hot fill up to 100°C.

Improve your RPET properties
Akestra™ can easily be combined with other plastics to improve their properties.  Thanks to its similarities with PET when it comes to processing, with Akestra™, you can use your PET-production lines without any further investments. This enables you to offer an innovative alternative to polycarbonate, polystyrene and even glass to your customers.

Source : Perstorp website

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