Nissin to unveil eco-friendly plant-based plastics for instant noodle cups

noodle cups

Japan’s Nissin Foods Holdings is set to introduce plant-derived plastics for packaging for its mainstay Cup Noodle instant ramen products.

With an aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the company is planning to complete the launch of new material to the mainstay Cup Noodle line of products by the end of March 2022, thus raising the ratio of nonpetrochemical materials in its packaging to 97%.

The company also plans to eventually introduce similar measures for products sold overseas, as the environmental restrictions on the use of plastics growing stricter globally.

Nissin has the second largest share in the global instant noodle market, and its move to expand the use of plant-derived material is expected to become a significant driving force for other companies to follow.

The major food-maker is considering using such environmentally friendly plastics for other products as well.

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