• Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems of our time. Globally, almost 80 million tons of plastic packaging waste is generated every year.

    Currently, only about ten percent of the resources are recovered through recycling. The rest is incinerated, landfilled or released leaks into the environment in an uncontrolled manner.

    The need for a real circular economy is becoming increasingly. Today’s conventional recycling processes are at their limits. Innovations in recycling are essential for a sustainable future.

    Outstanding functionality, light weight packaging, less plastic consumption, higher shelf life, less food waste etc… Sounds good? Yes, it does! And that are just a few of the benefits PE/PA multilayer packaging can provide and makes it to a sustainable packaging solution.

    But: Yes, indeed PE/PA multilayer packaging, as consisting of different plastic types, is a challenge to recycle for most conventional mechanical recycling technologies. And now? Switching from PE/PA multilayer packaging to a monolayer/Monomaterial solution and loose all the benefits of PE/PA multilayer packaging? Or maybe better to switch to other recycling technologies that can handle these materials and keep taking advantage of the value of PE/PA multilayer packaging.

    With the Newcycling® process, APK AG is contributing to meeting sustainability targets and recycling quotas.

    The Newcycling® technology is a solvent-based process that enables the selective separation of polymers in mixed plastic waste. The result is pure granulates that have virgin like properties. In this way we give packaging a second life in its original application.



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