New paperboard cup helps Fazer reduce plastic in oat snacks packaging


The Finnish food company Fazer introduced its Fazer Aito and Fazer Yosa oat snacks in paperboard cups in May. The new cups are more responsible and reduce plastic more than half compared with the former packaging. Also, the carbon footprint is lower: the new paperboard cup of Fazer Yosa 200g has 56% less CO2 emissions throughout its life cycle*.

Paperboard packaging supports Fazer’s corporate responsibility activities, which are guided by the goals for 2030. These goals include reducing emissions by 50 percent. Fazer wants to reduce the use of plastic in its packaging and gradually introduce renewable and recyclable packaging.

“Responsibility has been at the heart of the oat-based Aito product family from the very beginning. We produce Fazer Aito and Fazer Yosa products with the power of biogas in Koria, Finland, and it is important to us that also the packaging is as ecological as possible, easily recyclable and logistically efficient,” says Susanna Kallio, Brand and Category Director at Fazer.

Consumers welcome plastic reduction and recyclability

The reduction of plastic was enabled by Stora Enso’s barrier coated paperboard Cupforma Natura. Three Fazer Aito oat snacks flavours are also available in one-litre cartons made of liquid packaging board from Stora Enso. The development of new multipack board trays for oat snacks sales batches also proceeded in good cooperation with Stora Enso, replacing previous plastic trays.

“Customers have welcomed the new, more sustainable packaging. We have also received good feedback from consumers on reducing the amount of plastic. The new cups are easier for consumers, as they are easier to recycle than before: the entire cup can be sorted into cardboard collection and aluminium lid into metal waste,” Susanna Kallio says.

Fazer Aito and Yosa oat snacks packaging

*Source: Fazer / Thinkstep AG, The GaBi Packaging Calculator, November 2019

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