New eco-Friendly RFID, NFC tags come as HF or UHF


Identiv, has released a new range of Eco-friendly RFID and NFC Tags in its transponder portfolio. The clean, green RFID and NFC inlays focus on a safer IoT market by serving the requirements of other environmentally conscious companies aiming to protect the planet, says the company.

The new RFID and NFC tags are non-etched, paper-based transponder inlays that reduce the traditional use of PET-based substrates and by-products. The tags are manufactured on renewable paper, without plastic layers and harmful chemicals, and claim to have a low carbon footprint. As the antenna is patterned with a new laser-manufacturing process, all excess aluminium is completely recycled, and the paper used is fully repulpable, according to Identiv.

While other supppliers only offer paper-based ultra-high-frequency (UHF) antennas, Identiv offers both non-etched high-frequency (HF)/NFC and UHF inlays in eco-friendly formats, it explains. The tags are available in various sizes and features customizable antenna designs.

Use cases it is targetting span from paper RFID Cards, RFID Tickets, and RFID Labels to practically every other typical RFID solution on the market today.

Dr. Manfred Mueller, Identiv chief operating officer and GM, Identity said, “As RFID is embedded into more and more products and applications for consumer authentication and engagement continue to grow, packaging and RFID inlays are a natural place for enterprise and technology customers looking to reduce their environmental footprint.”

Source : AIPIA News / Identiv website

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