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Nano-tech offers next generation anti-counterfeiting for packaging

nMark is a new nano technology platform from Advanced Material Development (AMD), a UK-based AIPIA member which specializes in funding research into 2D nanotechnologies and materials. It has been developed to enable next generation provenance and anti-counterfeiting capabilities for products and packaging, says the company

With counterfeiting now a global epidemic across many markets, in cases such as critical mechanical equipment, electrical components, aerospace parts and pharmaceuticals, a real safety threat exists.

Combinations of digital bar and QR-codes , electronic tagging and other mechanical marking, have provided a choice of approach to securing provenance and protecting against counterfeiting.  Paul Mumford of AMD  explained that, “nMark has been developed as an additional layer of cost effective security, that provides the deepest possible coding of product information in a format that is, in all practical terms, impossible to copy or reverse engineer.”

“Nano-materials have unique optical signatures. When incorporated into a host material or onto a surface, they present a unique nanoscopic signature which has the potential to significantly strengthen current packaging security,” he continued.

The depth of nMark coding is achieved through utilisation of multiple individual nano materials used in different combinations within labelling, or as a small separate nMark, providing millions of digital code variations.

Mumford stated that “ AMD aim to collaborate with anti-counterfeit and packaging solution providers to drive integration of this innovative approach, both as part of current label code solutions to add security depth, as well as to commercialize nMark as a stand-alone tool for combating counterfeiting activity”

AMD are now engaging with packaging partners to expoit the nMark technology as part of the industry’s overall approach to tackling counterfeiting and proving product provenance.

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