Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper has had its market-leading products recognised with eight awards at the WorldStar Packaging Awards. Open to packaging organisations from across the world, the competition acknowledges the best ideas, innovations and technologies in the market. Judges look for sustainable solutions to packaging challenges, demonstration of enhanced user convenience and reduced material waste.

The eight Mondi products announced as winners are:

> Glass7Box in the Household category from Mondi Austria
> Recyclable waste separation system in the Household category from Mondi Poland
> Side Support in the Transit category from Mondi Turkey
> Packaging closing optimization in the Transit category from Mondi Czech Republic
> Pick Up Tray in the Point of Sale category from Mondi Turkey
> Pallet utilization support system in the Other category from Mondi Czech Republic
> Yoghurt tray with tear tape in the Food category from Mondi Czech Republic
> BarrierPack Recyclable in the Packaging materials & components category from Mondi Germany

Armand Schoonbrood, COO Mondi Corrugated Packaging, said: “Mondi has been entering the WorldStar awards for a number of years and it is a pleasure to see how understanding of our capabilities has grown from strength to strength. Eight wins is testament both to the hard work and dedication of our R&D teams and the drive for sustainable innovations which is truly engrained in our DNA I’m especially pleased for the team in Corrugated Packaging who have beaten their previous record of five awards with seven wins this year. We look forward to the awards ceremony in May.”

All of the winning products have robust sustainability credentials. The multi award-winning, BarrierPack Recyclable is a 100% recyclable flexible plastic laminate. A number of the products ensure a maximisation of space or capacity such as the ‘pallet utilization support system’, a simple system to fill voids in stacking pallets, and the ‘pick up tray’ which substitutes wooden baskets for corrugated cardboard trays that allow for a 71% heavier load. Other products, such as the ‘Glass7Box’ reduce waste through the creation of a universal packaging solution which can accommodate different products, in this case seven different types of wine glasses.

The Gala Awards Ceremony for the WorldStar Packaging Awards will be held on 15th May 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic. Judging took place in China, during the WPO 2018 Board Meeting.

Further details on award-wining packaging:

Glass7Box: a corrugated box with a shock-absorbent structure created to accommodate different products. Designed for premium glass brand Riedel to reduce the complexity of the packaging process and offer greater flexibility when packing a broad range of products. Developed by Mondi Grünburg in Austria.

Recyclable waste separation system: corrugated bins can be disposed along with the collected waste without additional costs for cleaning, return or maintenance. Developed by Mondi Warsaw in Poland.

Side Support: an insert which acts as corner support when transporting heavy content, i.e. white goods.The product replaces EPS foam filler material offering better impact absorption during transit and as it is made of corrugated cardboard reduces CO2 emissions by 81%. Developed by Mondi Tire Kutsan in Turkey.

Packaging closing optimization: a semi-automatic solution for closing the bottom of boxes which has the benefit of instant, tapeless closure suitable for high volume runs. The product saves 30% of time in the packaging process and has saved the initial customer c. 320km of plastic adhesive tape, equivalent to enough tape to go from Berlin to Prague or Munich to Venice. Developed by Mondi Bupak’s in the Czech Republic.

Pick Up Tray: a simple yet functional design, that consists of just two fully recyclable pieces, a tray and handle that can carry a 71% higher product load (often food products). Developed by Mondi Tire Kutsan in Turkey.

Pallet utilization support system: an easy-to-fold system that fills the voids in the top layer of pallets to support further stacking and therefore full utilisation of transport space. Despite its light weight, the pallet utilisation system has a robust structure which can withstand a top load of at least 746 kg, roughly equivalent to the weight of a giraffe. Mondi Bupak’s in the Czech Republic.

Yoghurt tray with tear tape: a dividable corrugated tray for yoghurt. Its unique tear tape application is integrated into the tray in such a way that the two tray halves can easily be separated if needed. Mondi Bupak’s in the Czech Republic.

BarrierPack Recyclable: a highly functional, fully recyclable and flexible plastic laminate for pre-made pouches and FFS rollstockfor food or other products made of PE film. Developed by Mondi Halle in Germany.

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