Mondelēz International Launches Cadbury Dairy Milk Packaging in UK& I Using Certified Recycled Plastic

  • The company’s iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Mini Snowballs 110g sharing bars made in Bournville now includes 30% certified recycled plastic within its packaging.
  • New packaging innovation uses the mass balance approach – certified by ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification).
  • Part of a broader global business goal to reduce the use of virgin plastic material in its overall plastic packaging portfolio by 5% by 2025,

LONDON 28thSeptember 2021 – Mondelēz International today announces that its Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Mini Snowballs 110g sharing bars, which are made in Bournville and sold in the UK and Ireland, are now wrapped in packaging with 30% recycled plastic (using the mass balance approach). The company has started to roll out the packaging innovation on more than 28 million sharing bars.

Using the mass balance approach the post-consumer, recycled plastic packaging will be independently certified by ISCC and supplied in partnership with Amcor, a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging for food and other industries and signals the high demand for this material within the UK.

This world first for Cadbury is part of Mondelēz International’s wider global goal to reduce the use of virgin plastic material in its overall plastic packaging portfolio by 5% by 2025, assuming constant portfolio mix.

The company is already using 75% recycled plastic (RPET) content in its Dairylea Lunchables packaging in the UK and will also begin using certified plastic with recycled material using the mass balance approach in its Philadelphia tubs and lids from next year. This latest project on Cadbury Dairy Milk is another example of how Mondelēz International is delivering the companies ‘Pack Light and Right’ sustainable packaging strategy and its efforts toward the UK Plastic Pact targets.

Dirk Van de Put, CEO Mondelēz International said that the UK is leading the way in its use of recycled material and investing in solutions for a circular economy for packaging waste. “Until recently, flexible plastic packaging has been considered a single use material. The development of advanced recycling technology and our significant investment in this material means it’s now possible for Cadbury fans to enjoy their favourite sharing bars more sustainably here in the UK.”

He continued, “Most excitingly, this is just the beginning of our journey to use more recycled plastic in our packaging. We’re committed to using more recycled plastic in our packaging in the coming years, as access and availability of advanced recycling technology increases.”

“I am enormously proud to witness this important innovation to our iconic Cadbury packaging, made in Bournville – the heart and home of Cadbury” said Louise Stigant, UK Managing Director, Mondelēz International.“We are very keen to reduce our use of virgin plastic across our full range and this innovation signals our demand for this material and much needed investment into the UK recycling infrastructure to produce it.”

Earlier this year Mondelēz International again joined forces with industry to lead, finance and launch the UK’s biggest flexible plastic household collection and recycling pilot – Flex Collect. The pilot will inform UK Government how to incorporate flexible packaging into existing collection services across different geographies and demographics, developing best practice and giving confidence to the recycling and packaging supply chain to invest in advanced recycling facilities that can process this material.

Mondelēz International is also a member of the UK Plastics Pact and a signatory of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy Global Commitment.



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