McDonald’s Rolls Out Reusable Coffee Cups at Select Locations in The UK


McDonald’s new initiative of reusable coffee cups is part of the fast foods giant’s ‘commitment to accelerate the circular solutions needed to keep waste out of nature and protect our planet for communities today and in the future’.

McDonald’s has rolled out reusable coffee cups in selected outlets in a bid to minimize the impact it has on the environment.

The trial program is in partnership with Loop – a global reuse platform- that replaces single-use packaging with durable materials. It is part of ‘McDonald’s commitment to accelerate the circular solutions needed to keep waste out of nature and protect our planet for communities today and in the future’.

Six UK outlets in the Wellingborough and Northampton areas will now offer customers a chance to order their favourite hot drinks in reusable coffee cups in exchange for a £1 deposit.

Customers can return the cups at any of the branded Loop collection bins situated in stores. Participating customers will also receive a 20p thank-you in return for reducing the number of single-use containers in circulation.

Circular&Co, formerly known as rCUP, makes these containers using recycled single-use paper containers. Upon return, the company recycles them once again into new cups.

‘Environmentally responsible options’

Beth Hart, Vice President of Supply Chain and Brand Trust, said: “As a business, McDonald’s is on a journey to revolutionize the way we package products to give customers the sustainable solutions they want.

”This partnership builds on our packaging and recycling strategy, which switches to more sustainable materials and aims to help our customers to recycle and reuse.”

Moreover, Stephen Clarke, Head of Communications for Loop UK, added: “Consumers are increasingly asking for more environmentally responsible options.

“Which is why Loop is delighted to partner with McDonald’s on this ground-breaking foodservice industry partnership.

“We hope it paves the way for reusables to become an accessible option for consumers as they enjoy their meal on the go.”

Eco-friendly initiatives

The reusable coffee cups are one of the many eco-friendly initiatives taken by the American fast-food company to reduce its impact on the planet.

Nearly 90% of its packaging use recycled or renewable sources. Moreover,  the company claims it has saved over 4000 tonnes of plastic per year after phasing out Happy Meal toys, plastic straws, McFlurry lids, and salad boxes.

Carbon emissions

While the fast-food chain, which operates in 120 countries, is working on waste management, it ranks as one of the world’s largest buyers of beef, purchasing upwards of 1.7 billion pounds per year. This creates an enormous carbon footprint and quite nullifies any efforts towards becoming more environmentally conscious.

Animal Rebellion campaigners are protesting across McDonald’s outlets in the UK demanding the fast-food giant goes completely plant-based by 2025.


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