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How to manage food packaging waste

The Danish manufacturer of vacuum waste handling systems for the packaging industry, Lundberg Tech, now widens its focus to the food industry. The company recently launched  the “PackTrimCutter”. It is equipped with a closed sack system, which reportedly allows an easy cleaning of the unit. It is compact with a small footprin, and can easily be connected to the packing machine, according to the company.

“Food production is increasingly automated and the packing process is often integrated into the process line. Therefore it is also becoming increasingly important to eliminate the factors which may adversely affect productivity and profitability,” explains Martin Sigsgaard, Chief Sales Officer. “With our system, you can typically increase machine speed, reduce down time, and reduce costly manpower. At the same time, it enables a cleaner, simpler and less demanding process.”

Minimizing downtime

According to the company, it recently supplied two central vacuum waste handling systems designed to capture and cut edge trim from a total of 16 Multivac packing machines at two factories. “Despite the fact that the food producer already had extremely high operational efficiency, it has still been possible to minimize the down time and thereby achieve great energy and commodity savings,” Sigsgaard says.

The company is said to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vacuum waste handling systems with reportedly more than 4,000 installations operating in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia and China.

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