Logopak to showcase labelling solutions at LogiMAT 2019

Logopak is presenting flexible semiautomatic and fully-automatic labelling solutions for the industry at LogiMAT 2019.

Robotic labelling solutions from Logopak: Flexible, individual and safe

Robots have been an integral part of industrial production for years. In labelling operations, the use of robot solutions can make labelling more flexible.

The flexible Logopak labelling system can meet the requirement for placing any number of labels at any position on the product, even with different label formats.

Another plus: The required flexibility in the number and position of labels on the product can be provided in some cases faster than conventional solutions.

Logopak develops individualised, combinable, safe robot solutions

The programmed sequence can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements. A change of label format can also be quickly adapted. This assures the success of solutions from Logopak in the long term.

Occupational safety is guaranteed through collaborative robot technology. When the robot is approached, its speed of movement is automatically slowed down – until it stops completely at a specific distance. Visitors to the LogiMAT 2019 trade fair can see this for themselves at the Logopak Booth F21 in Hall 6 where the robot solution will be presented and demonstrated in action for the first time.

Transport labelling from Logopak: Semi-automatic pallet labelling on the rotary table

Fully-automatic labelling solutions have been around for the past 40 years. They are used successfully at large industrial and trading companies mainly. To enable smaller companies to also benefit from the advantages of automation, Logopak’s labelling specialists have now developed a semi-automatic solution for pallet labelling.

Here the pallets are transported by forklift truck to a semi-automatic pallet wrapping station where the labelling process is fully automatic. At LogiMAT 2019, this innovative pallet labelling system, which is fully integrated in a semi-automatic pallet wrapper, will be presented to the trade public for the first time by the Logopak labelling experts at Booth F21 in Hall 6.

For unique identification and traceability, each pallet requires a unique eighteen-digit Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC). The code is used for seamless shipment tracking, thus enabling a clear stock level, for example, as well as the simple exchange of faulty batches for products that have already been shipped. Producers and dealers, therefore, increasingly require transport labelling with a unique Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) for each individual pallet. That’s why automated transport labelling with Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCCs) is also of great value for smaller production lines.

At LogiMAT 2019, Logopak’s labelling experts will present this innovative semi-automatic pallet labelling system on Booth F21 in Hall 6. This innovative combination of a semi-automatic pallet stretcher/film wrapper and a fully-automatic pallet labeller completes the film wrapping first, followed by labelling.

As with all fully-automatic Logopak labellers, the system can be linked bidirectionally to an ERP system so that article master data and production planning can be called up on a daily basis. This means that data is maintained centrally on the master data source, which ensures that only the current and relevant data is printed and applied to the pallet.

This innovative and flexible solution can be used for picked goods, partial pallets, full pallets, mixed pallets and many other requirements.

The integrated sensors and program selection of the film winder send the print and application signals to the automatic labellers. The labels are applied fully automatically – and an integrated scanner for barcode checking can be fitted on request.

Occupational safety – as with all Logopak solutions – is guaranteed: The pallet is not rotated until the arm of the labelling system has returned to its initial position. During pallet rotation, the next label is printed in order to apply another label without slowing the work flow.

The finished, labelled pallet can be visually or acoustically signalled to the operator via the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and a signal lamp. The finished, foil-wrapped and labelled pallet can then be moved from the rotary table with the lift truck or forklift truck.

The intuitive operation of Logopak systems and solutions also makes them suitable for smaller companies that do not yet have extensive experience in the automation of shipping and labelling.

Visitors to LogiMAT, the trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management, can experience individual robot solutions for labelling and semiautomatic pallet labelling on the rotary table at Booth F21 in Hall 6 of the labelling experts from Logopak.

Source: Logopak Press Release

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