Lactips releases its unidose packaging solution for the detergents sector



Lactips, a producer of water-soluble bio-based plastic with zero environmental footprint, has signed a first set of orders with ULRICH-Natürlich. The German eco-friendly cleaning and care products manufacturer has decided to use this patented new technology for its dishwasher tablets with water-soluble packaging.

nULRICH-Natürlich’s products, created using renewable raw materials, contain no phosphates, petroleum-based surfactants, optical whiteners, artificial fragrances or colours, aggressive acids, preservatives, chlorine or ammonia, and are fully biodegradable. The company has now discovered an alternative for PVA – the petroleum-derived plastic film previously used for tablet packaging – and has opted to replace this with the Lactips’ biosourced, biodegradable material, completely eliminating the environmental footprint of this range of products.

Created in 2014 by Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff, plastics and business strategy specialist, and Frédéric Prochazka, PhD, researcher at Saint-Etienne University, Lactips designs, develops and markets a ground-breaking biodegradable, biobased material based on milk protein. Fully biosourced, the material is produced using milk casein, and fully aligned with the highest benefits good the environment -and dishwashers, as it leaves no sticky residue after washing and does not adhere to the detergent dispenser. ULRICH-Natürlich has chosen Lactips based on these properties and shared values to support its aim to offer increasingly high-performance eco-friendly products.

Those orders, following shortly after Lactips opened its first production centre this summer, confirms the relevance of Lactips’ solution for environmentally-responsible detergent manufacturers. The first batch is already being distributed, in bulk stores or in boxes for organic stores in Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Denmark and several other European countries.

“Those first orders sealed with a manufacturer that is committed to offering impacting environmentally-friendly solutions recognizes all the work accomplished by the teams at Lactips. We are delighted to be supplying our products to ULRICH-Natürlich, a company that shares the same commitments and values that have driven us to develop our water-soluble plastic-free solution with zero environmental impact”, explains CEO Marie-Hélène Gramatikoff.

Klaus Röhrle, Head of R&D at ULRICH-Natürlich, shares his experience: “To use Lactips is a great adventure. The advantage for us and the customers will be the plastic-free film, that doesn’t put any poison into the water. So the customers are also able to use tabs, packed in a healthy film and don’t stay in touch with the ingredients”.

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