• RPC Bramlage Division, part of British plastic packaging supplier RPC Group, has provided its Slidissime® jar to the French personal care brand L’Oréal for its new Biotherm Life Plankton™ Sensitive Balm.

    The Slidissime® jar comes with a unique opening experience and positive ecological profile, as well as features airless properties that are suitable for the product as it could be developed without the need for unwanted ingredients like colorants, parabens, fragrance allergens and mineral oils.

    The jar protects formulae from external contaminants such as air and UV rays. It features Touch & Slide pump, which offers consumers a new tactile opening sensation as well as allowing consumers to open the jar without getting their fingers into contact with the cream for more hygienic usage.

    The swipe of the index finger to dispense the product provides consumers with fast and efficient access.

    The Slidissime® jar comes with a soft touch finish and its format delivers the Wow effect, and provides the perfect e-commerce packaging solution. It also offers a lighter weight and more compact design than traditional jars.

    Additionally, the Slidissime® quartz version selected by L’Oréal is certified by Ecocert, a control and certification organization.

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