Kellogg Company announces deal with TerraCycle on Recycling Pringles Cans


An American cereal and snack giant Kellogg Company has introduced a Pringles UK Recycling Program, in collaboration with its crisp brand and recycling firm TerraCycle.

The new program will allow people in the UK to recycle the Pringles cans. From December 2018, consumers can send the empty cans to TerraCycle, which is aimed at converting them into pellets for developing products like fence posts and benches. These empty Pringles cans can be sent to TerraCycle using free labels.

In return, TerraCycle will reward a charitable fund for each container that can be redeemed for the charity, school, or nonprofit of their choice.

The two companies stated that this collaboration with TerraCycle offers a persistent solution for customers in the UK, inspite of the fact that Kellogg’s Pringles cans are still not presently recyclable in the nation.
Reportedly, the UK Recycling Association trade organization named Pringles cans as ‘villians’ of the recycling world due to their foil-lined cardboard sleeves, plastic caps, metal tear-off lids, and metal bases. The CEO of the association, Simon Ellin, stated that the cans are a nightmare as it is not possible to detach the parts.

Meanwhile, Kellogg’s has introduced a project in Europe to change its cereal pouches to a recycle-ready material by late 2019, removing around 480 metric tons of non-recyclable packaging from the its supply chain each year.

The food manufacturing firm recently announced a goal of working towards 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by the end of 2025. Mentioning the figure by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation that only 14% of all plastic packaging is collected for recycling all over the world, Kellogg Company chairman and CEO Steve Cahillane stated that “It’s imperative we are part of a solution that ensures a healthy and sustainable planet for all people around the world.”

Lou Massari, senior director of global packaging for Kellogg Company, stated about the new packaging commitment that “We cannot accomplish this ambitious goal alone.” “We will collaborate with new and existing external partners, our customers, and other innovators to identify packaging solutions that protect and enhance our foods.”

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