Innovate From Nature with POLYSORB® – the High Purity Isosorbide


Improving performance through plant-based innovations is a key market trend, and this is exactly what Roquette delivers. As a key provider, Roquette offers the polymer markets innovative and sustainable monomers to create solutions for safer and more sustainable polymers.

POLYSORB® is a high purity 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-D-glucidol, more commonly called isosorbide. This sustainable, biodegradable, non-aromatic and bicyclic diol is obtained by dehydration of sorbitol, a derivative of starch, for which Roquette is the leading world producer.

Roquette started to produce isosorbide in 2002 in Lestrem, France, to serve the pharmaceutical market as an osmotic diuretic and as a cure for heart problems. In 2007, the company started the commercial production of POLYSORB® high-puritiy isosorbide as a building block for polycondensation polymers.In these application domains, the absolute purity of POLYSORB® helps improve materials performance, while keeping good color and using a safe monomer.

This versatile ingredient differentiates itself from any grade of isosorbide on the market as it is a highly pure grade, with outstanding qualities and functionalities. It clearly improves the performance of polycarbonates, polyurethanes, polyesters and epoxides in different markets such as the packaging, automotive, and coatings and adhesives markets.

In the case of PET for packaging, POLYSORB® answers customers’ needs in terms of performance material all along the chain of its use: easy to proceed, convenient to apply by brand owners and reliable to use by consumers as a safe and recyclable product.

Its main advantages in PET for packaging are to offer a flexible design and clear transparency while enhancing heat resistance. POLYSORB® has a large range of uses such as sport bottles, cosmetic packaging, hot-fillings and pasteurization.

POLYSORB®-based PET has good chemical resistance performance, and you can fill bottles with hot water and microwave your food packaging. POLYSORB®-based semi-crystalline PET has full compatibility benefits with PET recycling systems. This makes it a material of choice for beverage and cosmetic packaging.

For coating and adhesives, POLYSORB®-based solutions answer the need to reduce VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) during the product’s use. Its main advantages in polyurethane or epoxy are good adhesion to different surfaces especially metal, and it has good surface properties in the final coating. POLYSORB® also allows higher adhesion to metal substrates than classical 1,4-BDO.

The use of POLYSORB® can be extended to other applications as a plasticizer, in direct contact with end-users such as in hospital floorings, decorative indoor surfaces, school furniture, etc.

Source: Roquette website

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