ImpacX Unleashes “Revolutionary” Tech for Personalized Nutrition in Connected Reusable Packaging

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impacX3 vio19 Jan 2022 – Israel-based ImpacX is launching a pilot of its 2.0 technology, aiming to “revolutionize” both packaging and nutrition. The company is using smart packaging that allows for personalization, automatically reminding consumers to take and refill their supplements through an app.

“In our era, people want everything to be fast and in their hands, connected to everything. We are building this connectivity, and really want the smart packaging to be consumer-centric,” Iftah Akram, chief marketing officer at ImpacX, tells NutritionInsight.

The item can cater to powder, pill and gummy form, enabling use for vitamins and protein powders, Akram notes. The package can be reused “hundreds of times, with the technology encouraging [environmental] sustainability and new global health habits.”

“The global market for vitamins and nutritional supplements is huge and constantly growing, amounting to approximately US$120 billion in 2020,” says Kobi Bentkovski, CEO and founder of ImpacX.

Currently, ten companies have ordered the product across the US, Europe, Australia, Mexico and India.

environmental impact
The item is reusable hundreds of times, limiting its environmental impact.

Harnessing data
The pilots are expected to launch in the second and third quarters of 2022 and continue for approximately three months each. The packaging solution is connected to a cloud-based app that can remind consumers it is time to take their supplements, as well as refill the item.

If a user is unsure if they took their supplement on that day, the app will be able to inform them, as the packaging inside the bottle is linked to the app.

“There is something very interesting in making everything smart and connected. We are planning to help people personalize and measure,” Akram highlights.

The advent of technology has enabled greater levels of personalization, with companies better able to collect more data. Personalization was described as a Top Trend for 2021 by Innova Market Insights, with the potential expected to revolutionize the health market.

According to the ImpacX, the technology collects non-invasive data on daily consumer habits for the benefit of consumers. It will allow companies to stay abreast of customer engagement, their habits, adherence to reminders, consumption and app usage.

“This information is of tremendous commercial value for global vitamin companies since it enables a high increase in sales and converts casual customers into subscribers, boosting competitive market edge,” ImpacX says.

User notification
Users can receive a notification when they need a refill for their supplements.

“Smart” shaping trends
The technology taps into wellness trends where consumers are keen to take care of themselves, as well as personalization, Akram underscores.

The use of the word “performance” is traditionally used in sports, Akram notes. Nonetheless, in the last two years since COVID-19, consumers began focusing on performance. “This includes counting steps, doing a lot of interesting measurements of the oxygen in their body and so on.”

“This is why we see the timing as very beneficial for brands and consumers. Beyond the wellness trend, everyone is measuring and seeking personalization,” he says.

Consumers are seen as being more aware of the role nutrition can play in promoting health and wellness, prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic that pushed healthy eating.

Reusable packaging
According to Akram, the packaging is reusable, highlighting its environmental sustainability appeal. Additionally, reusable packaging has also been spotlighted for its potential to achieve a circular economy for packaging.

“The product provides vitamin brands the ability to completely stop using single-use plastic packages that are so widely used in the market, and replace them with smart, multi-use packaging, paired with biodegradable monthly refill packs,” says Yoav Hoshen, senior vice president, sales and business development.

The importance of environmentally sustainable packaging has been described as crucial to long-term market success, with companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks increasing investment in reusable packaging and fiber-based recyclability.


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