IMA Group seeks new materials for packaging

IMA Group

IMA Group has collaborated with the University of Bologna, in order to find out the most suitable packaging solution for their customers. The company is offering a study grant to achieve expertise in packaging materials. At the university, the researcher with DICAM will study “Polymeric materials for eco-sustainable packaging”.

This move reflects the company’s increasing interest in packaging solutions with a lower environmental impact and environmental matters.

For instance, the MaXima project involves a research on how to get control of restrictions that limit the use of PLA and equivalent materials. Entitled as “Use of eco-compatible materials”, the research is carried out in working with an important firm that develops filters made from PLA.

IMA – Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A is an Italian company which manufactures automatic machines for packaging and processing of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, tea, food and coffee.

The companies are finding innovative ways of reducing environmental impact and enhancing product performance, as they are increasingly adopting sustainability policies. They are using new materials for packaging, particularly in the food chain.

IMA has adopted the usage of compostable packaging materials, in collaboration with their customers. In the present time, these materials are rarely used for packaging, due to costs reasons and the complications in their usage.

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