• Honeywell recently introduced Aclar Accel, a new, cost-effective thermoformable barrier film for pharmaceutical packaging that provides faster service to companies at a lower cost while maintaining patient safety through increased protection for medicines. Aclar Accel, which expands Honeywell’s line of Aclar films with two new gauges, was introduced at this year’s Pharmapack Expo in Paris.

    With two new clear and opaque laminated options for its high-moisture barrier films, Honeywell’s Aclar
    gives companies cost-effective alternatives for product packaging with shorter lead times to increase shelf
    life, decrease operating costs and protect drugs in climates throughout the world. While the original Aclar
    is clear and customizable, Aclar Accel 1700 maintains the clarity, but has a standard size that allows for
    faster production and delivery to companies at a lower cost. Aclar Accel 5400 is designed for opaque
    laminates and offers an even denser, moisture-rich barrier to companies seeking a more cost-effective
    solution to protect drugs than cold form foil in aluminum blister packaging, which has higher production
    costs and slower output.

    “Pharmaceutical companies are seeking new packaging technologies that allow them to get their drugs to
    market faster and reduce operational costs and Aclar Accel addresses those needs,” said Ken West, vice
    president and general manager, Packaging & Composites, at Honeywell. “Companies have trusted Aclar
    for more than 40 years to provide the highest quality protection for their drugs and Aclar Accel gives them
    new choices. Now, in addition to the customized options of the original Aclar, they can select standard
    sizes for packaging with these new films and receive them in half the time.”

    In comparison to packages made of cold form foil, Aclar enables smaller blister pack sizes that reduce
    shelf space, usage of raw materials and lower transportation costs. Available in many thickness grades
    and a wide range of moisture barriers, Aclar provides flexibility to optimize moisture protection across
    different climate conditions.

    Honeywell’s Aclar films are based on polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) fluoropolymer technology. They
    are crystal clear, biochemically inert, chemical-resistant, nonflammable, and plasticizer- and stabilizerfree. The films can facilitate increased patient compliance with doctor prescriptions with see-through,
    portable and patient-friendly pack presentations. Today, Aclar thermoformable films are used in a broad
    range of markets including originator and generic pharmaceutical, over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical
    and animal health packaging.

    Source: Honeywell International

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