High-quality cosmetic active ingredients with a freshness kick and rapid effect packaged in ampoules from Gerresheimer

Düsseldorf, May 28, 2020. The areas of application for glass ampoules in cosmetics are manifold: They are suitable for high-quality elixirs and serum products for face, eye area, décolleté, hair, hands and feet and contain corresponding active ingredients. Numerous active ingredients can improve the appearance of the skin, for example retinol, collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins are among the classics when it comes to sustainable beauty care for the skin. Active ingredient or beauty applications are reliably and germ-free packaged in glass ampoules.

“Many of our customers package their sophisticated and high-quality cosmetics, beauty and wellness products for greater well-being and care in our glass ampoules,” says Nicola Balena, Vice-President Global Business Management Cosmetic Moulded Glass. Gerresheimer offers a wide variety of glass ampoules from 1 – 30 ml in Type I or III white and amber glass”.

Glass ampoules – what makes them so ideal?
Whether they are called active ingredient, beauty, face, vitamin and care ampoules: ampoules are considered the most effective packaging solutions for nutrient boosters for skin and body care. Because the small, glass, airtight bottles contain optimally packaged, highly concentrated active ingredients that often impress with an immediate effect on the skin shortly after application. They are often used as quick help for the skin in need of special care, but in smaller doses they can also enrich the daily beauty routine.

How are ampoules made?
Most ampoules for the cosmetics industry are emetic ring ampoules. The starting material for the production of ampoules is thin-walled type I or type III borosilicate tubular glass. From the tubular glass the ampoules are produced by forming. The forming is carried out almost without tools by flame and drawing. On the machine first the bottom is formed and then the spit, onion and constriction. Then the ampoule is separated from the glass tube and at the same time the bottom of the next ampoule is formed. The forming process is followed by the application of code rings, breaking ring or OPC point. The ampoule is then relaxed in the oven at approx. 600° Celsius and – if present – the colour of the coding, break ring and lettering is baked in.

Gx ampoules
Gerresheimer is the market leader and expert for ampoules made of glass and produces these in large quantities for the pharma and cosmetics industry. They have been proving their worth in medicine for parenteralia since the 17th century, but only industrial production made their use in large quantities possible. Today, they are also used in the field of high-quality care and cosmetics to store elixir and serum products with high-quality active ingredients for numerous cosmetic applications, which serve to sustainably care for and improve appearance. Gerresheimer manufactures ampoules for the world market at plants in Europe, America and Asia.

Source : https://www.gerresheimer.com/en/news-events/product-event-news/show/high-quality-cosmetic-active-ingredients-with-a-freshness-kick-and-rapid-effect-packaged-in-ampoules.html

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