H.B. Fuller unveils cold-resistant adhesives for COVID-19 vaccine delivery

cold-resistant adhesive grades

Adhesives manufacturer H.B. Fuller has revealed a new range of adhesive grades with hot melt advanced technology for ultra-cold storage of vaccines and medication packaging. Advantra adhesives reportedly provide a secure bond at -70C with tamper-evident fibre tear.

Some vaccines, such as the new Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 one, need to be kept at temperatures as low as -70C (-94F), which leads to complex packaging requirements and the need to set up ultra-low-temperature freezers at vaccination centres.

These storage requirements create logistical and transportation challenges for carriers and national health systems, and it is this that H.B. Fuller seeks to address with its new range.

The company says that its new cold-resistant adhesive grades, Advantra 9280 EU and Advantra BOLD 9480, have been designed for tough surfaces and harsh conditions such as high-speed pharmaceutical packaging lines without counterpressure.

The adhesive specialist has conducted a series of tests with several industry-standard pharmaceutical packaging carton samples at its Lüneburg Adhesive Academy in Germany. H.B. Fuller says that its new solutions have been carefully formulated for reliable adhesion on GC1 and GC2 type carton boards.

In a statement, the company commented: “After extensive testing, our Advantra adhesives demonstrate tamper-evident fibre tear on pharmaceutical packaging and confirmed fiber tear after seven days storage at -70C and after reconditioning at refrigerator temperatures of 4C (39F).”

H.B. Fuller recommends that pharmaceutical companies conduct additional testing on their specific materials before commercial use.

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