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Hygiene industry

The Hygiene industry in India is growing rapidly across all segments, largely due to rising disposable and per capita incomes, increasing number of employed women, and numerous government and NGO initiatives. Between 2017 and 2022, the sanitary protection market is projected to grow at a rate of 11 percent CAGR in unit volume terms, the baby diaper segment at 17 percent, and the retail adult incontinence market is set to show a growth at close to 17 percent CAGR in unit volume (Source: Euromonitor). There’s been a clear effort to increase penetration of tissue and hygiene products in the country.

New Players in the Market

In 2014, the Government of India introduced the Make in India initiative, designed to encourage home production across all sectors. Coupled with a growing industry, it is hardly surprising that a market dominated by global players, is suddenly witnessing a surge in domestic manufacturers that intend deeper market reach into lower income segments and rural areas. This also was witnessed at the 4th edition of the BCH Symposium, held in December 2017 in India, where new or interested entrepreneurs sought clarifications on products and growth opportunities.

Challenges and Concerns

Despite government and industry support, manufacturers are facing several challenges, such as rising raw material prices, stronger government regulations on health and environment safety, as well as transport and sustainability concerns. In addition, the new domestic players face the looming threat of cheaper China-made imports, due to exemption of GST from finished goods in the feminine hygiene market – the most prolific hygiene sector in India.

Having been made aware of the risk to domestic manufacturers’ profitability, the government is in the process of considering options for supporting small and medium enterprises but, in the meantime, manufacturers need solid partnerships to ensure they stay competitive.

Local Partners, Global Network

H.B. Fuller understand that setting up your business from scratch requires in-depth industry knowledge, wise raw material selection, machine expertise, and product clarity. Customers’ demand for innovation and cost-efficiencies also inspires us to seek new and different adhesion testing possibilities.

Recent expansion of the company’s lab in Shirwal, India, ensures that it provide strong R&D services along with technical excellence. This new lab aims to support the EIMEA region, leading local projects in collaboration with the team based in the Lüneburg Adhesive Academy, our Centre of Excellence for hot melt technology in Germany.

Locally, the company’s teams address industry challenges with you: its scientists invest continuously in formulation improvements and product localization, and its technical managers provide advice on machines and substrates, along with guidance on cost, quality and line efficiency optimisation. H.B. Fuller is committed to supporting you along the way in this fast-changing industry and to partnering with you from ideation to conversion.


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