Govt Clears Proposal for Automatic Waste Segregation Centre in Bengaluru

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The Urban Development Department (UDD) has sanctioned the project, which will require Rs 17.33 crore for operation and maintenance (O&M) for five years

Authorities will soon deploy a Rs 11.49-crore automated waste segregation centre to separate dry and wet waste, a plan that runs contrary to the BBMP’s original strategy to promote source segregation.

The Urban Development Department (UDD) has sanctioned the project, which will require Rs 17.33 crore for operation and maintenance (O&M) for five years.

The work, expected to cost Rs 28.82 crore, including capital cost, has been awarded to Parishudh Ventures of Panati Vittalnath Reddy. The firm had recently won the contract to set up three large garbage transfer stations at Rs 305 crore for seven years.

As per the government order, two companies had participated in the tender — the other company being Sadhana Enviro Pvt Ltd.

“Of the 4,200 metric tonnes of waste produced in the city, the BBMP has been able to segregate only up to 30%. Around 3,000 tonnes of mixed waste continue to go to the landfills. This is against the norms,” the order states, while approving the automatic waste segregation station.

The station, capable of splitting five tonnes of waste per hour, has a success rate of separating up to 85% of the mixed waste using a magnetic conveyor.

Fixed with an odour control system and CCTV cameras, the station will be integrated with the command centre, the UDD’s order states.

It has learnt that the project has been put into effect to promote Research and Development (R&D) in solid waste management, although experts wonder about the need for such a project when the BBMP is promoting source segregation and sends separate vehicles to collect dry and wet waste.

UDD clears biomining at Mandur

The empowered committee headed by Rakesh Singh, Additional Chief Secretary, Urban Development Department (UDD), has approved the proposal to biomine the Mandur landfill, which has been on the backburner for close to seven years. The project is expected to cost Rs 95 crore.

The ambitious biomining effort aims to reclaim 80 acres of prime land by segregating, processing, and composting legacy waste. The first phase will cover only one portion of the 135-acre landfill where the BBMP dumped waste for seven years till the villagers stopped it through protests and court orders.

At a glance

Project Automatic waste segregation

Capital cost: Rs 11.49 crore

Operational cost

1st year: Rs 2.84 cr

2nd year: Rs 3.12 cr

3rd year: Rs 3.43 cr

4th year: Rs 3.78 cr

5th year: Rs 4.16 cr



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