GETEC.PARK EMMEN (GPE) Releases a New White Paper: “New insights to improve the recycled PET product quality control.”

Haze measured as function of the total Partisol test counted particles in rPET based bottles.

GETEC.PARK EMMEN (GPE) releases this White Paper that provides insightful data how to control the product quality of recycled PET polymer and packaging. In addition, the right set of chemical analyses techniques to detect relevant substances and PET properties are discussed.

During PET production, product use and PET recycling, the PET product quality could deteriorate by:

  • Thermal degradation
  • The presence of solid contaminants.
  • The presence of non-intentionally added substances (NIAS)
  • Discolouration that affects the PET product appearance in visibility applications.

Therefore, cost-effective processing and obtaining the right and safe recycled PET quality is essential for both PET recyclers, PET packaging manufacturers and brand owners. Chemical analyses techniques are vital to monitor and control the quality of the (recycled) PET polymers and packaging. It contributes to improve product safety risks and saving costs.

The White Paper explains in-depth how:

  • Melting steps during PET recycling can give rise to the occurrence of relevant NIAS. By means of Headspace Gas Chromatography (GC) such substances can be detected accurately. In this way, the rPET purity can be monitored. Recommendations are given to improve the purity of recycled PET.
  • The presence of solid particle contaminates arising in rPET can be detected by the unique GPE Partisol analysis. It is shown that the haze in PET packaging increases linearly with the total number of solid particles in PET. In addition, over 70% of the detected solid particles are 1 – 3 µm in size. Recommendations are given to minimize the presence of solid particles in PET to improve the PET transparency and minimize the crystallization behaviour.
Haze measured as function of the total Partisol test counted particles in rPET based bottles.

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Source: Company Press Release

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