Gentlebrand for KOREA CRYSTAL BEVERAGE | No-label design: a step towards a greener future


The Korean company Korea Crystal Beverage, in business for over 48 years, commissions Gentlebrand to design a premium, sustainable packaging solution for its leading brand. A major step towards a greener future.

In compliance with Korea’s new efforts aimed at reducing the use of plastics that are difficult to recycle, Korea Crystal Beverage gives Montbest a more sustainable image by introducing a “no-label” bottle.

A popular brand across the Korean market and winner of 3 stars of the International Taste Institute for two consecutive years, Montbest is widely promoted in the country and is specially conceived for people who seek 360-degree wellness, from an active lifestyle to environmentally sustainable choices. Montbest is an ultra-pure water sourced from the granite rocks of Mount Gukmangbong. The rocks act as a natural filter for the water, enriching it with precious minerals. This is fully reflected by the etymology of the brand name, which in Korean means “the best gift for you, with water carefully bottled from the spring at the foot of the mountain”.

Restyling the packaging of such an iconic product by removing the label meant designing and developing a new product identity where the brand’s core values could be conveyed exclusively through the logo, the purple colourway and the details embossed directly onto the bottle.

Creativity and technical know-how have been key in the project development, and Gentlebrand, with its value proposition of delivering “feasible packaging solutions”, has proved to be the ideal partner. Part of the exercise involved upgrading the existing packaging and striking the right balance between the size of the logo and the information required by law, now embossed on the body of the bottle, making it visible and, most importantly, legible. The new Montbest bottle, which comes in 330ML, 500ML, 1L and 2L sizes, is now square-shaped and features grooves along corners that give it a premium look & feel by reflecting more light while also improving the user experience by providing a better grip.

Thanks to extensive know-how and expertise in every aspect of packaging feasibility, the project went beyond the development of the bottles and also involved prototyping and laboratory tests to assess the new containers’ mechanical performance and verify the quality and legibility of the logos.

The outcome of this successful, customer-friendly project has been the manufacture of 68 moulds for existing product lines through the key partnership with Competek, a French company specializing in PET packaging solutions.


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