Garçon Wines unveils new 10 Flat Bottle Case

Garçon Wines

UK-based Garçon Wines has designed a new 10 Flat Bottle Case, in collaboration with British packaging business DS Smith.

According to the company, the new bottle case will significantly cut carbon emissions and logistics costs from the supply chain of wine.

The 10 Flat Bottle Case incorporates 10 full-sized, flat wine bottles in a compact case which would otherwise carry approximately just four regular, round, glass bottles of the same 75cl volume.

Garçon Wines have rearranged their flat bottles into a game-changing novel orientation; eight flat bottles packed vertically with two lying horizontally in the airspace around the bottlenecks, in order to achieve its aim of significant advancement in wine logistics, packaging and sustainability.

The new bottle case is approximately 55% spatially smaller, as compared to an average case, the standard secondary packaging used to transport wine.

From a transport perspective and for a consignment of the same size, the 10 Flat Bottle Case would significantly reduce the need for HGVs (heavy good vehicles which take a standard 24 pallets) from 5 HGVs to just 2. This will have a direct positive impact on the reduction in carbon emissions and costs by at least 60%.

Santiago Navarro, CEO & Co-Founder of Garçon Wines commented: “Current wine transit cases used to transport 6 or 12 bottles of wine are inefficient and ineffective resulting in unnecessarily costly logistics, excessive packaging, wasted resources and a grotesque carbon footprint. This is because the bottles being used are not fit for purpose in a 21st century world of e-commerce, complex supply chains, a global world, and most importantly, climate change.

The 10 Flat Bottle Case will make the industry more sustainable – creating a healthier planet, wealthier industry and happier world, as per the company’s statement.

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