Future is always full of challenges, especially for market segments like edible oil.


The challenge of flexibility and competitivenessexcella oil bottles
The companies of the edible oil sector, influenced by the trend of strong product diversification, need very flexible and efficient bottling and packaging plants in order to reach high levels of optimization and competitiveness of production lines.

ebsk-oil-fieldThe challenge of eco-sustainability
In an economic environment that is increasingly oriented towards eco-friendly solutions in the use of plastic packaging, a growing number of companies have chosen to use rPET (100 % recyclable PET) preforms, that allow to produce bottles with a high mechanical and aesthetic quality in a context with low environmental impact.

Manufacturing and filling rPET or PET bottles

Recent studies clearly show the advantages related to the use of PET plastic bottles, containers that are unbreakable, safe, with great barrier properties, light and above all recyclable. When compared to other packaging materials, like glass or aluminium, traditional PET and, above all, its 100 % recyclable version (rPET), has a good environmental profile, especially thanks to its lightweight, that results in less material to be produced, less material to be disposed of, less energy used to manufacture it and less fuel used for the transport of packed products. Thanks to its recyclability and to its great weight/capacity ratio, many oil producers choose this packaging material as ideal solution in terms of environmental sustainability. Bottling and packaging solutions offered by SMI include a wide range of stretch-blow moulders from the EBS ERGON range, that allow to produce rPET or PET containers, of integrated filling- capping systems from the ECOBLOC® ERGON range and of different types of secondary and tertiary packaging machines capable of meeting just about any requirement in terms of pack format and production output.

Compact rotary stretch-blow moulders, ideal for those who produce oilCompact rotary stretch-blow moulders

Stretch-blow moulders from the EBS K ERGON range are the ideal solution for productions up to 9,200 bottles/hour and offer all the advantages of the rotary blowing technology. Thanks to the compact and ergonomic design, they can be installed even on small bottling plants and ensure advantages in terms of ease of use and control by the line operator.

ebsk-3d-giostraEco-friendly processes

The stretch-blow moulding carousel is equipped with motorized stretch rods, controlled by electronic drives, that do not require mechanical cams. This solution ensures a precise management of the movement of the stretch rod, significant energy saving and reduced mechanical interventions. The stretch-blow moulding system makes use of high-performance, low dead volume valves, that allow to reduce pre-blowing and blowing times, ensuring greater machine performance and higher quality of the bottles produced.

Precise and reliable electronic fillershemf-filling-oil

Oil filling technology supplied by SMI is extremely precise and reliable, thanks to the use of the mass flow meter, an electronic device installed next to each valve that detects the product flow placed in each bottle. In this solution there isn’t any contact between the valve and the bottle, thanks to a gripper that grabs the bottle by the neck, keeping it in line under the filling valve, with undoubted advantages in terms of process hygiene and safety. The wide range of solutions offered by SMI also include that with the weight filling system.

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