FSSAI : Consumer education & awareness on proper disposal of plastic packaging and Litter Management


The Hon’ble NGT had constituted an Expert Commitee (EC) comprising of representives of BIS, CPCB, DGHS and FSSAI to examine the regulatory provisions on restriction of plastic packaging and related issues.The EC has submitted its report to the Hon’ble NGT with recommendations and responsibilities of various stakeholders in reducing the usage of plastics and also in managing the plastic waste.

The EC in its report had recommended a systematic plan of action for different stakeholder as follows:

a) Eliminate/ Ban single use plastics: Eliminate and prohibit usage of single serve/ use pouches within their ecosystems by setting an example and create awareness among their group of people regarding plastic pollution and so take accross the masses.

b) Substitute to plastics: Encourage the use of reusuable and recyclable environment friendly alternative such as jute and cloth bags, bamboo and wooden cutlery, leaf based plants, glass and metal container etc.

c) Improved Litter Management: Education on collection of plastic waste, segregation of dry and wet waste and practices to reduce/ reuse and to efficiently aid recycling of packaging waste so as to keep up with growing Demand to reduce plastic pollution

d) Better plastic disposal: Initiatives are to be taken up, to dispose plastic waste by forming groups/ clusters for collection, segregation, transportation, storage and to set  up energy recovering system for processing of plastic waste either on its own or by engaging agencies.

Source: FSSAI website

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