Flex Films introduces new BOPET film technology at Pack Expo

Flex Films

Global film manufacturer Flex Films has showcased its new BOPET film technology called as VYOM at Pack Expo event held in Chicago, USA from 14 to 17 October 2018.

VYOM is a Sanskrit term that means ‘limitless, ‘expanse’ and ‘endless’. The cutting edge concept of BOPET films are manufactured via an advanced proprietary technology. Envisioned as the next big revolution in BOPET films, the new Concept BOPET Film offers the following features against the existing BOPET films available in the market:

> Developing green sustainable films, using 40% less plastic

> Producing barrier films, better by 100%, doubling the barrier

> Creating strong films, stronger by 100%, making it double the strength

> Lighter by 40%, with a density of <1

“VYOM promises to be better in every key virtue that a film is built around – light, barrier, strength and green – with superior mechanical properties, thereby allowing us to deliver much higher yield, improved costs and reduced carbon footprint,” said Anantshree Chaturvedi, vice-chairman and CEO, FlexFilms International.

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