Standard on Recyclability Published in Germany

Germany's disposal

The German Packaging Register (Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister; ZSVR) has published the first minimum standard for assessing packaging designed for recycling. This is addressed to the dual systems, which organize the Germany’s disposal and recycling of packaging by means of the Yellow Bag, the Yellow Bin, as well as the paper and glass collection containers.

In June of each year, the systems must report to the ZSVR how the requirements of the minimum standard have been implemented. “Packaging whose recyclable contents are returned to the closed loop by high-quality recycling and that are turned into new products and packaging again, must be given a financial advantage,” said Gunda Rachut, the chair of the ZSVR. “These financial incentives create a strong motivation for companies planning new waste lines to implement their responsibility for their products’ packaging faster and more thoroughly.”

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