First PET container for Ritual Multivitamins made from 100% PCR

Ritual Multivitamins

Amcor created the new, clear bottle in two sizes, 100 cubic centimeters and 150 cubic centimeters, for Ritual, a health meets technology company that reimagined the multivitamin.

Ritual is a leader in the multivitamin industry that has challenged the status quo by putting traceability at its core. The company built the first visible supply-chain of its kind; shares the scientist, source and supplier for its ingredients on its website; and is committed to creating a product that is as earth conscious as possible. Keeping in line with its core philosophy, the company partnered with Amcor Rigid Packaging to develop a packaging solution that would support its mission to find new use for existing materials and create a reusable, sustainable future.

“When reinventing the multivitamin, we went to great lengths to ensure our ingredients not only helped to support the body but were also great for the environment. We believe the materials that hold our capsules should be no different,” said Katerina Schneider, Founder and CEO of Ritual. “By partnering with companies like Amcor who share our commitment to creating an earth-friendly supply chain, we were able to develop a 100% recycled bottle that meets our same high-quality standards.”

PET, which has rapidly become the world’s preferred packaging material, is lightweight, shatterproof, recloseable, resealable, reusable and infinitely recyclable*. In addition, PET bottles often have the lowest carbon footprint and their production results in up to 70% less greenhouse gas emissions than other packaging materials, according to Amcor’s Asset Lifecycle Analysis.

PCR is comprised of recycled materials including PET beverage bottles that have served their purpose (have been used by the consumer) and subsequently been recycled to produce a new product. Using PCR helps support the recycling infrastructure and reduces demand on virgin resins. For example, a quarter less emissions is produced in the manufacturing process of 100-cubic-centimeter and 150-cubic-centimeter bottles by using 100% recycled content.**

Maintaining color and clarity can be challenging when using a high percentage of PCR. Amcor’s
engineers created a color-stable bottle for Ritual that is close to virgin PET clarity.

“Our collaboration with Ritual has delivered an attractive packaging solution that reflects the brand’s mission and commitment to the environment,” said Harry Goldstein VP Healthcare with Amcor Rigid Packaging. “We partnered with our PCR supplier to deliver exceptional quality and the result is amazing. The clarity of the bottle is incredible.”

PCR is an available, cost competitive, and more sustainable packaging option than other choices.

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*With existing technologies including chemical recycling
**Amcor Asset Life Cycle Analysis

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