Fibre-based Ice cream Packaging wins International Packaging Competition

Ice cream Packaging

The corrugated board ice cream package that won the WorldStar award will replace the plastic and metal packages previously used to sell bulk ice cream. The old packages had to be washed and returned, meaning that the new ones will save on storage and costs. The corrugated board packages are delivered as flat sheets and can be flattened again after use and sent for recycling.

The new corrugated packaging is made of 95 % renewable material with a thin PET film barrier approved for food contact. The corrugated packaging also has better insulation properties than previously used packages.

“This ice cream package demonstrates quite clearly how various industries can use less plastic and look to renewable material alternatives”, says Timo Anonen, Product Manager at Stora Enso.

The development of the packaging started when the customer saw an EcoFishBox™ by Stora Enso fish packaging made of a similar material.

“I presented my thoughts about the packaging for bulk ice cream to Stora Enso, and it wasn’t long until I had the prototype in my hands. The structure was developed in line with our wishes and taking into account the constraints of the merchandising furnishings”, says Samuli Wirgentius, Ice Cream Specialist and Managing Director at Vanhan Porvoon Jäätelötehdas.

“Corrugated board packaging is ideally suited to ice cream and stands up well to the ice cream being scooped. Sometimes the packaging feels like it could actually be reused, even though it is for single use only. Being able to recycle the ice cream packaging is also an important factor for us.”

Source: Stora Enso Website

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