Common Footprint standard by FEFCO


The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) is a non-profit organization that builds the Common Footprint (CF) standard that guarantees safe and efficient assembling of all vegetable and fruit trays. The CF standard harmonises the tabs and noses of corrugated trays throughout Europe.

The Common Footprint stamp (CF stamp) clearly marks trays that adhere to this FEFCO standard: it is printed on both the sides of the boxes.

Only those producers whose trays meet the strict technical specifications as per the FEFCO can use the CF stamp. These specifications ensure that trays have identical base sizes and that all will fit onto the common pallet or half pallet without wasting space.

The CF stamp shows when stacking is efficient and safe: the fixed base size guarantees efficient use of the pallet footprint and stackability.Matching receptacles and interlocking tabs at the sides of the boxes provide added stability – and the height can be chosen to match the product.

Common Footprint trays from many different producers and nations can be stacked safely and quickly right through the supply chain, while the ability to vary the height of the tray makes the most of pallet height.

Variable heights and standardised bases make the use of every millimetre of space, so that more fruit and vegetables can be transported on one pallet and in one lorry, using less fuel. Common Footprint trays also save space in distribution centres and allow the retailers to showcase the products in the shop in perfect condition.

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