Fabbri Hybrid: A Turning Point in the Packaging World

Fabbri Hybrid

Thanks to its historical experience in the production of packaging machines and films for the food market, Fabbri Group is proud to introduce for the first time in the packaging world the innovative concept of “HYBRID”.

Automac Dual, Automac Industrial and Automac Ultra are the three high-productivity wrapping machines of the new “Fabbri HYBRID” range, which guarantee the perfect packaging of fresh and very fresh products with any type of stretch film, in both neutral and printed format: PVC-based film, PE based film, bio-based film and compostable film.


For Fabbri Group, sustainability, convenience and performance of the solutions offered are a must. All the films it produces are characterised by reduced thickness and high performance, guaranteeing a very low use of raw materials and the lightest possible packaging. Great attention is also paid to the effective disposal of packaging at the end of its life: the recent “Nature Fresh” certified compostable film, for example, can be thrown directly into the domestic compost bin without generating packaging waste.

The perfect synergy between the “HYBRID” wrapping machines and the films produced by Fabbri Group is therefore a guarantee of optimum results, but the new machines have been designed to ensure quality packaging even with alternative films.

At a time when the debate on reconciling sustainability policies with the efficiency of production organisation is still extremely topical, changing the film used according to the demands of one’s customers will therefore no longer be a problem. Thanks to a single wrapper capable of running multiple films, retailers and industrial packers will be able to maintain operations without interruption, without the need for technical adaptations and, above all, without additional costs.

In this way Fabbri Group, the only supplier of complete packaging solutions worldwide, once again confirms its ability to proactively respond to the demands of an increasingly demanding market, such as that of the third millennium: non-stop productivity, ease of use, sustainability, protection of the freshness and of the properties of foods from any kind of external contamination, additional possibilities for communication and branding on the package through the use of printed film.

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The Fabbri HYBRID family will soon include Elixa series wrapping machines as well.

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