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European flexible packaging industry agrees unified Sustainability Vision

The Members of Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE), which represent the European flexible packaging industry, unanimously agreed a vision on sustainability, at FPE’s first virtual conference, held in June. This reinforces the industry’s commitment to a common position on the circular economy.

The flexible packaging industry has long been at the forefront of addressing the challenges of sustainable development. In particular flexible packaging is mainly composed of plastics which are often highlighted as “problematic”. So, there is a need to convince and reassure stakeholders about the key sustainability role flexible packaging already plays in Europe and how this will continue to develop and improve in the future.

This joint initiative involves the market leaders and many small and medium sized specialized converters. The Sustainability Vision is targeted at both the industry itself, to offer guidance, as well as other stakeholders. This includes customers, retailers, legislators, and NGOs. It explains the intrinsic environmental and social benefits of flexible packaging and the efforts of the industry to mitigate any problems.

Additionally, it demonstrates how the flexible packaging industry is voluntarily taking a responsible position on the topic. It summarizes the approach and activities of the industry in this respect and how it is working actively towards achieving the goals set out in the vision.

These goals are: designing flexible packaging for full effectiveness and minimum environmental footprint; circularity for flexible packaging; zero tolerance of leakage and littering into the environment; and speeding up progress with cooperation.

Commenting on the decision, Guido Aufdemkamp, Executive Director of FPE said, “I am delighted with FPE’s bold initiative to adopt this Sustainability Vision. The industry has always been aware it must play a positive role in mitigating climate change. These actions clearly demonstrate the proactive role it is taking. I am delighted the members have found common ground on this very important issue and how, therefore, the European industry is working together.”

FPE’s vision for flexible packaging in a sustainable Europe is available at

Source : Flexible Packaging Europe Sustainability Media Release

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