• EUMOS, the European Safe Logistics Association, today launches 3 standards for qualifying experts in cargo securing for 3 professional groups: Logistics and Transport Directors, Drivers and Forklift Operators as well as Police and Public Authorities.

    The qualification aims at training professionals to be able to perform their jobs related to cargo securing and transport packaging according to Annex 3 of EU Directive 2014/47/EU which describes the EU provisions for cargo securing for technical road side inspections of the road worthiness of commercial vehicles. The new standards specify the qualification criteria for these 3 groups of professionals which have so far been included into EUMOS 40607-1 setting the minimum requirements to become a qualified expert in general cargo securing and transport packaging.

    Angel David Hernandez, President of EUMOS, says “Cargo securing and transport packaging need to respond to maximum safety levels in order to keep European road users safe according to the criteria of the EU Roadworthiness Directive. To achieve this goal, all professionals involved in the goods transport process – from planning to packing, loading, transporting, unloading etc. – as well as the ones controlling the conformity of cargo securing have to be trained in order to be able to fulfill the requirements of the EU Directive as well as other applicable national and international legal provisions.”

    The standards

    EUMOS 40607-1:2015 Qualified Expert in General Cargo Securing and Transport Packaging. Minimum Requirements

    EUMOS 40607-2:2020 Qualified Expert in Cargo Securing and Transport Packaging. Minimum Requirements for Logistics and Transport Directors

    EUMOS 40607-3:2020 Qualified Expert in Cargo Securing and Transport Packaging. Minimum Requirements for Drivers and Forklift Operators

    EUMOS 40607-4:2020 Qualified Expert in Cargo Securing and Transport Packaging. Minimum Requirements for Police and Public Authorities

    aim at establishing recommended training requirements in cargo securing and transport packaging for the specific professional groups or for general use by the original standard EUMOS 40607-1 from 2015. They represent an element to ensure that the professional in the chain ensures that all within his/her responsibility is carried out taking all required safety precautions in order to close the circle of the chain of responsibility. The minimum requirements described in the standard include theoretical and practical knowledge as well as experience by the qualified expert.

    Shortly, EUMOS will publish a guideline for the qualification process requiring national coordination in the countries of demand and a description of the examination by EUMOS.

    Carlos Hernandez Barrueco, chairing the EUMOS Technical Committee in charge of the standard EUMOS 40607-X, values highly the outcome of the standards which make a more on the spot qualification possible for 3 important groups of professionals possible. “Thanks to the expertise of the members of the Technical Committee originating in different aspects involved in cargo securing and transport packaging and in the training required we were able to tackle questions arising from the members´ experience and to make a workable standard supported by practical guidelines.”.

    Source: https://eumos.eu/eumos-sets-the-benchmark-for-qualifying-experts-in-cargo-securing/


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