Essel Propack launched a new generation extrusion laminator at its Vasind plant to strengthen its capabilities

Essel Propack

Essel Propack Ltd., a global leader in manufacturing of Laminated Tubes, recently launched a new generation extrusion laminator, at its plant in Vasind, Shahapur District. Maharashtra Essel Propack conceptualized, designed and co-developed this with its technology partner, as one more contribution to the ‘Green & Sustainable’ initiatives of all its stakeholders. The size of investment is around Rs. 39 Crore. This new addition shall increase the lamination capacity by 25Mn sq.mtrs. from existing 55Mn.sq.mtrs p.a.

The machine control system uses artificial intelligence and energy savers that reserve power for use in ‘Regenerative mode’, this feature sets it apart from all its counterparts. The best feature of the new laminator is that no solvent is used to prime the lamination surface, prior to or during extrusion. There is ‘zero’ effluent generation during the lamination process. With the addition of this laminator, the company has strengthened its capability of ensuring uninterrupted supply of world class tube laminates to all its customers.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. M.R. Ramaswamy, COO, Essel Propack Ltd. said “As a responsible manufacturer and global leader, we have designed the new laminator to not only meet quality and performance requirements of our valued customers, but also included several features to cater to the requirements of `Go Green’ and ‘Sustainability’ of our customers and all our stakeholders.”

The new laminator is a fully integrated line, equipped with several special features to ensure highest quality tubes being produced and delivered to customers viz.

> Higher output — the machine can produce 30% more – 80mn sq.mtrs laminate annually. The new design facilitates processing of latest and futuristic multi-model polymers, which is the future in laminated tubes. The new capability will help the company to be’ future ready’.

> High Precision Callipers with auto correction features are used to ensure uniform thickness, stable quality and consistency in the laminate, helping conforming to the highest standards prescribed for packaging non-oral care especially Pharma and Food categories.

> High speed automatic surface defect detectors used for 100% checking on both sides of the laminate for identifying and tagging all defects. The data collected from this detection system can be used for enhancing product quality in subsequent process.

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