EcoCortec inaugurates bioplastic and anti-corrosion film plant in Croatia

EcoCortec, a manufacturer of innovative vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI) films, has opened its first bioplastics and anticorrosion films plant in Croatia.

The plant’s management finalized the big expansion project in 2018, with the construction of new
facility. The expansion triples production capacity at EcoCortec.

The new 10,000-square-meter production facility offers complete converting, extruding and printing capabilities. It is located in Croatia’s Baranja region and manufactures films and bags according to customer specifications in terms of the product size and performance.

The plant features a state-of-the-art extrusion line E5, a film rewinder, as well as sideweld and bottomweld converting machines for making wide range of bags. It is also equipped with recycling machine that enables elimination of waste from the production process.

EcoCortec® is utilizing green environmentally safe technologies while strongly promoting responsible approach towards the community.

The plant has pioneered two technologies of biodegradable and compostable films, Eco Film® and Eco
Works®. They offer a certified biodegradable alternative to polyethylene films and bags while offering performance characteristics superior to both low and high density poly films.

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