Easy-to-open flow packs for the medical sector by ULMA Packaging

ULMA Packaging

This new solution by ULMA Packaging arose from the need to remove sterile products from packages while avoiding any type of contamination with microorganisms and/or particles that could migrate from the exterior of the packaging to the product while removing it.

The solution includes two sealings along the sides of the packaging and a chevron type cross sealing.

The package is hermetically sealed without any leaks with leak proof guarantee and uses a peelable film with Tyvek or paper panels already integrated to enable EtO sterilisation.

Starting at the chevron seal, the entire package can be opened without coming into contact with the product, so any possible contamination is avoided.

Keeping products from contamination while removing them from their packaging is a common and ongoing concern in the medical sector,” said Dave Berriman, technical manager at ULMA Packaging UK. “Consequently, a need arose to develop a solution that would allow the product to remain sterile during unpackaging.

The versatility of this flow pack solution makes it possible to package products of different sizes with quick and easy format changes. It offers versatility for a wide range of different products, is leak-proof through longitudinal sealing, and is designed with EtO sterilisation in mind.

The resulting packaging adjusts to the dimensions of the product, thus avoiding traditional, oversized packaging. Therefore, less film is used and subsequent logistics costs are reduced.

Source: ULMA Packaging

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