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Opportunity knocks for sustainable e-commerce

Online shopping is a well-recognized global mega trend. The internet is now the natural starting point for most purchases, with high levels of demand, portals and choices arising every day. And, consumers and businesses alike want optimized packaging that makes sending and receiving purchases easier, less expensive and more sustainable.

This provides a fantastic market opportunity for packaging and logistics companies, with predictions for global B2C e-commerce spending likely to increase from the current $2.3 trillion to $4.5 trillion by 2021. Global B2B e-commerce sales are already triple the current B2C figure and predicted to exceed $7.7 trillion this year.

E-commerce businesses need the utmost agility in today’s rapid growth market. They need to be confident that they have quick and sustainable packaging processes, which means having the ability to create tailored packaging solutions that minimize the materials used and support rapid delivery to the end customer in pristine condition. This puts pressure on e-commerce outlets to find OEMs that offer a complete solution that includes the ability to customize the shape and size of boxes and envelopes. It also means they need to provide the right adhesive because time spent testing adhesive performance and fine-tuning on the production line is valuable time lost.

Better connections through collaboration

As a result, packaging makers and on-demand machine manufacturers are increasingly collaborating across the value-chain, from machines designed to deliver sustainable packaging to implementation and support. We explore the potential benefits that e-commerce and packaging fulfilment businesses can uncover from these cross-organizational partnerships.

Partnerships help accelerate innovation, with the packaging on-demand solution already optimized for key production-line considerations, such as adhesive performance, before the machinery reaches the customer.

On-demand performance neatly packed

The solution-led OEM collaboration between H. B. Fuller and CMC, a leading packaging-on-demand OEM, is ensuring customers can hit the ground running.

CMC machines enable fulfillment houses to be more sustainable through their ability to create the right-size boxes and envelopes. We joined forces at the design and testing stage using high performance end-of-line Advantra® adhesives. This means the CMC packaging on-demand solutions: CMC CartonPack, CMC SmartMailer and CMC BubbleWrapper, are all optimized for speed and a clean, quality bond. The collaboration with H.B. Fuller also provides more effective and responsive production-line issue resolution, as these can be dealt with more holistically.

Major e-commerce market players are already taking advantage of these packaging on-demand solutions, where adhesives play an important role in the overall performance. From the production-line requirements of rapid bond formation and increased efficiency during fulfillment, to clean running and assured delivery, the CMC and H.B. Fuller partnership ensures the fulfillment house that boxes and envelopes will stay securely closed throughout the shipping journey to the consumer.

Many of us recognize the phrase “many hands make light work.” Through collaboration, expert hands are joined together across the value chain to help e-commerce customers stay ahead in this fast-paced market.

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