Dow Exhibits Solutions for Plastics Circularity at Innovation Showcase, India

Dow recently hosted an innovation showcase event for key industry stakeholders in New Delhi, India alongside PlastIndia, featuring the latest innovations and packaging designs which demonstrate Dow’s commitment to driving plastics circularity while improving consumers’ daily lives. India is climbing the circularity ladder, and Dow is at the forefront of collaboration with like-minded local partners on transforming waste collection and recycling initiatives.

Finding value in flexible waste is key to creating a viable circular system for recycled plastics. Dow has partnered with Lucro Plastecycle, a local recycling company, to close the loop on flexible plastics through REVOLOOP™ single pellet post-consumer recycled (PCR) polyethylene resins. This local grade, made in India, is derived from flexible packaging waste,incorporates 60% post-consumer recycled polyethylene and is suitable for use in non-food primary packaging and industrial films.

Highlighting Dow’s sustainability targets to accelerate action on dealing with plastic waste, Bambang Candra, Asia Pacific Commercial Vice-President, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, said, “The journey of plastics circularity is an ongoing process. At Dow, we envision a future where we want to retain the value of plastics throughout their full lifecycle. Dow is collaborating with the plastics value chain to design fully recyclable packaging and investing heavily in innovative technologies to enable the use of recycled plastics in a circular economy. We continue to drive solutions that support more partners in achieving their sustainability goals”.

Some highlights showcased:

High barrier recyclable stand-up pouch

INNATE™ TF resins combined with other Dow technologies such as ELITE™ AT and RETAIN™ compatibilizer enable excellent moisture barrier performance that extends shelf life to keep foods fresh while enabling recyclability with a mono-PE structure (BOPE//PE-EVOHMDO-PE).

Recyclable lamitube

Using high-performance polyethylene-based technology that meets the same stringent barrier performance requirements –to protect the toothpaste from oxygen and humidity – as traditional multilayer tubes, this solution enables recyclability by removing the need for an aluminum foil layer. It also delivers excellent appearance and packaging integrity, enabling brand owners to design for shelf appeal.

All PE detergent pouch with 25% PCR content

Offered as a fully formulated, single-pellet solution and developed for use in non-food primary packaging and industrial fi­lms, REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastics Resins incorporating 60% post-consumer recycled polyethylene enable the production of consistent and high-quality fi­lms with comparable performance and quality similar to that of virgin resins.

Asia-Pacific continues to face waste challenges. But the key is finding like-minded partners to address issues together and find win-win situations that are sustainable and long-term. With our material science know-how, Dow continues to drive closed-loop plastics circularity with industry partners by enabling the design of recyclable packaging to make them easier to collect, reuse and recycle while strengthening infrastructure for waste collection and recycling.



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