Dow, RB, and converter Drukpol launch new recyclable resealable pouch

resealable pouch

A successful joint development between Dow, brand owner RB, and converter Drukpol.Flexo has led to the creation of a new resealable pouch designed for recyclability and end-of-life disposal into existing recycling streams. Using Dow’s polyethylene (PE) films, the stand-up pouch was designed for RB’s FINISH perfume-free dishwasher detergent line.

“The innovative mono-material pouch is yet another example of the power of collaboration,” said Karin Katzer, marketing director End Use for Dow’s Packaging & Specialty Plastics business. “Through our Pack Studios network and design for recyclability solutions, we are helping brand owners move to a circular economy and deliver on their sustainability commitments.”

Dow, RB and Drukpol.Flexo worked together to overcome the challenge of creating a mono-material, PE-films based packaging that can be produced on existing equipment and enable extra functionalities like zippers, easy opening, and the right mix of stiffness and flexibility. The development team was able to address this challenge through Dow’s portfolio of innovative technologies including AFFINITY™, DOWLEX™ and AGILITY™.

“RB is committed to reducing, reusing and recycling materials in our packaging. We constantly search for solutions to address plastic waste and believe that plastic packaging designed for recyclability is the way forward,” said Krzysztof Krajewski, head of Packaging Innovation at RB. “With this innovative mono-material pouch, we are able to offer consumers easy to use packaging with enhanced features. Our new packaging is supported by existing recycling waste management systems and because the packing is lighter in weight, we are also able to reduce transportation costs and emissions.”

Drukpol.Flexo contributed to the innovation with their converting expertise, supporting RB with assistance required for their packaging lines. “We are excited about the outcome of this collaboration with Dow and RB and look forward to continue working together to help the industry close the loop on plastic packaging,” said Kamil Ziemak, vice president at Drukpol.Flexo. “The packaging is not only designed for recyclability, but also offers a high-quality customer experience with respect to performance like look, feel and ease-of-use.”

The new packaging was tested with the “0% perfume-free green line” of FINISH dishwasher detergent at German retailers and online through Amazon and received 4+ stars consumer feedback on product features and quality.


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