Dove Refillable: Introducing our first refillable, reusable deodorant

refillable, reusable deodorant

We’re on a mission to help reduce global waste. From using alternative materials to creating packaging innovations, we’re determined to transform the way we all think about the products we buy. Because, for lasting change, we need to shift our mindsets: buying less but better, and being inspired by the times that existed before our ‘disposable’ culture, when the things we bought were made to last. To help accelerate the global beauty industry’s progress towards addressing plastic waste, we’ve created our first refillable deodorant to help transform your daily routine.

It’s the start of our Beauty Refillution

The things we buy for life are often the things we treasure the most – that’s why we’ve dedicated two years to creating our first ever refillable deodorant that’s beautiful, as well as sustainable. For one small object, it represents so much: it’s taken so long to perfect its design using minimal materials to create something timeless that you’ll never tire of. It can be used over and over again, so you really can buy once, refill for life*, and transform your daily deodorant use.

It comes with a stainless steel reusable case, designed to last for life

To fulfil its promise of ‘buy once, refill for life’, the beautiful and reusable case is made from super durable stainless steel, specially designed to stand the test of time – and encourage you to buy less, but better. In order to keep the deodorant fresh and hygienic, plastic is still necessary – but to minimize its impact, we use 54% less plastic in our eco-friendly deodorant refills than in a regular Dove 0% stick pack. Plus, the small amount of plastic we do use is 98% recycled. So, you can start your environmentally friendly deodorant routine and enjoy the Dove underarm care you know and love.

It cares for your skin, too

Every refill created for our new refillable deodorant case contains our most caring aluminum-free deodorant formula enriched with our signature ¼ moisturizers. The gentle, caring ingredients protect you against odor for 48 hours and leave you with soft, smooth underarms. With Dove Refillable deodorant, you can help the planet by transforming your skin care routine. What are you waiting for?

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